In A Rush To Get A Passport? No Worries!

While I’m slightly embarrassed to disclose this, until two weeks from now, I will have never left North America, and therefore, have never had the need for a passport. There was a time in college where I had plans to do a semester abroad in Spain (constantly regretting the decision not to) that I did obtain a passport, but that was over five years ago and who knows where that passport has gone ever since.

Here I am today, less than two weeks until I leave for London, without a passport. Should I be worried? Probably. Am I? Not at all! For those like me that make super sporadic travel plans for the first time, the Department of State has us covered to get last minute, rush passports in a pinch. While they do come at an additional fee, it is actually possible to get a passport same day depending on your travel plans. KEEP READING >