Welcome to One Day Somewhere! I know what you’re thinking, another travel blog – I hear you, I hear you. Well, One Day Somewhere is part travel blog, yes, but we’re also aiming to make the world easier to travel, one city at a time.

Created in July 2017, One Day Somewhere was founded while planning for my trip to London and trying to find nearby one day excursions from London with guides and tips for how to spend just one day in certain cities, and I didn’t have much luck. One Day Somewhere will ultimately be the go-to destination for tips and recommendations on spending just one day in cities across the world – be that one day in Chicago, one day in New York City, or one day in small towns such as

Through my own contributions (I’m Ryan, by the way) as well as contributions from readers and locals just like you, over the next year we hope to grow our database to include over 500 cities, while blogging about my own travel experiences and offering various travel tips and tricks along the way.

While I currently live in New York City, and have lived in major cities all my life, I’m excited to continue my travels across the globe and explore the various cities, towns, and villages around the world that make traveling as exciting as it is.

Interested in contributing a guest post for your hometown or favorite city? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to to us at any of the ways on our contact page.

Happy Travels!